What is Planet Pension?

Oskar Dahl Hansen

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What is Planet Pension and how to integrate real climate action into your business DNA.

Employee involvement is more important than ever

We believe that involving employees in sustainability efforts is key - whether you have 5 or 5000 employees. Besides the fact that it is often the employees who ultimately have to implement the measures, for many companies it is actually through the employees that the greatest reduction potential lies.

The key is that involving employees in the climate strategy not only helps you reach your climate targets faster. It also increases employee satisfaction: 9/10 are happier in their jobs if they are involved in their company's sustainability initiatives. It attracts the best talent: 7/10 of jobseekers reject companies with a weak climate strategy. And it can even be seen in the bottom line: the more involved employees are in climate work, the more revenue they generate.

"9/10 employees are happier at work if they are involved in their company's sustainability initiatives."

- HP Workforce Sustainability Survey 2019

The real question is how to actually involve them? We actually think we have a good solution for that. We have an app that allows individuals (and therefore employees) to calculate their carbon footprint by answering a series of questions. It's very similar to what you have to answer as a company: what your diet is like, how you live, how much you fly, etc.

Once your employees have done that, you have an overview of the carbon footprint of your workforce. Of course the individual results are anonymous, but on an average level you can see where things are looking good and where they're looking less good.

CO2-neutral workforce

Once that's done, you can do two things. Where you can have the biggest impact is with what we call "Planet Pension": Create a 100% CO2-neutral workforce by investing in CO2 compensation for your employees as a benefit. As a company, you make sure that your employees have their CO2 emissions covered when they are employed by you. This is a benefit that is good for your company, your employees and the planet.

These problems Planet Pension solves for your business

But Planet Pension should not be your only action. The focus should also be on initiatives in the operation itself. Indeed, we know that more than 8/10 do not think their workplace is doing enough for the climate, which increasingly leads to people changing jobs. In fact, research suggests that companies that do not take real and transparent climate action can lose up to 25% of their turnover due to dissatisfaction, reduced efficiency and employee turnover! The key is to create a strong relationship between the company and its employees - including involving them in the sustainability journey.

That's why it's important not to have misunderstandings between the company and its employees about initiatives and aspirations. On the platform, you can get an overview of the challenges, habit changes and learnings your employees are implementing in the app. You can choose to focus on selected challenges and you can gain insight into employees' attitudes towards specific things. In addition, you can also create transparency around which initiatives are in the pipeline, which are ongoing, and which have been completed while allowing employees to provide input on the actions they want implemented.

If you have a carbon footprint for your company - either calculated by us or from elsewhere - you also have the option for employees to view the footprint in the app. You have the opportunity to engage employees as actively as you want. All this while creating real and effective climate action with Planet Pension 🌎

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Does this sound like something for you?

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