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Collective action changes the world

The only thing you can do wrong is to not do anything.

That's why we created Climaider: to make it easy and clear to see what you can do to emit less CO2.

No finger-pointing here - we're here to help.

An illustration of pink fire.
An illustration of pink fire.

we've created an app to help you take effective climate action

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What can you actually do about the climate crisis?

72% of global CO2 emissions come from private consumption. That doesn't mean it's your fault, but it does mean that your efforts are important! Because if many of us do something, we can make a huge difference. That's why we've created Climaider, to make it easy and manageable for you to take effective climate action.

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climate projects that make a difference

An african woman picks seeds from a mangrove tree
A resident of Nigeria holding a prototype efficiency stove
An old outdoor charcoal stove setup with lots of drywood lining the walls
A mangrove sapling
A selection of portable stoves on display

Calculate and reduce your climate footprint, support climate projects and track your efforts in the Climaider app.

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climate action for companies

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Climate action is no longer just nice-to-have.

Increasing pressure from customers, partners and employees alike means that companies with a solid sustainability strategy are the winners of the future.

We make it easy and transparent to get an overview of your carbon footprint and integrate true climate action into your company DNA with our unique employee solution.

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Core values

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From our finances to our calculations and everything in between, we strive for full transparency.

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When it comes to climate action, it's not just the thought that counts. That's why our mission is to help everyone take climate action that makes a real difference.

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We cannot tackle climate change alone. But together we can make a huge difference. Join +70,000 Danes and start doing something today.


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