Carbon accounting made easy

Get your carbon assessment with next to no manual labour.

Highlighted by The Danish Chamber of Commcerce

Climaider is highlighted by The Danish Chamber of Commerce as one of the leading carbon accounting solutions for SMEs.

How it works

Connect accounting system

Connect your accounting system. We automatically collect spend data from your accounting system and use it to calculate your carbon footprint.

Get your carbon report

You'll receive your climate report within a few weeks. Get insights into your company's CO2 emissions across Scope 1, 2 and 3.

Export carbon report

Provide carbon reports to stakeholders, employees and customers - directly from the platform.

I used to spend a few hours every month collecting, scanning and sending data for my carbon assessment. With Climaider, the setup only took 10 minutes, once. At the same time, I get much more detailed results and finally have a report for customers, the bank, etc. that I can use to document the effect of the green initiatives I constantly take.

Tina Bülow - RealMæglerne

Impress with your reporting

Custom tailored reports

Easily export carbon reports for any occasion. For the bank, for customers, for employees, for the board.

Customize branding, styling and content

Select emission categories and display graphs

Export as PDF

Setup in 10 minutes. ⏱

Successful companies of the future take responsibility

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Get your carbon report

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15.000 kr.


Climaider automatically collects data, as well as clarifies and validates the data.

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Easy and automated data collection

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Export CO2 reports

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GHG Protocol compliant

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Climaider clarifies scope 1 and 2 data

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Data validation by Climaider

Hear it from our customers

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Lea Korsgaard


"I'm most surprised by how little impact reducing our carbon footprint by 50% has had on our everyday lives."

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Camilla Polmer


"We offset our CO2 emissions with Climaider to reduce our carbon footprint, but also because Climaider is a young and progressive company with an extremely important mission that we share and want to support."

Sabine Wilki

Funday Games

"At Funday, we care deeply about our planet and the environment and have always prioritized green initiatives. Therefore, it was a natural step for us to team up with Climaider and get their help to fulfill our dream of becoming a carbon neutral company. Thank you Climaider!"

Why ESG reporting is important

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of investors have sustainability as a requirement for their investments.

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of consumers prefer to buy from brands that are engaged in combatting climate change.

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of employees prefer to work for a company with an ambitious CSR strategy.