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Co2Pool: everything you need to know

The CO2Pool provides support for SMEs to draw up a carbon footprint and reduce their CO2 emissions.

What's in it for you?

📊 A climate account covering both Scope 1, 2 and 3

📉 Help to prepare a reduction plan

💼 Upskilling your employees

💰 50% public contribution to the financing

⌛ The last 50% of the financing can be calculated in hours spent on the project, cash payment, or a combination.

CO2Pool - what you get
CO2Pool - Why apply

Why apply?

✅ Green transition is crucial for the future success of your business

🧐 Investors and large customers are demanding climate accounts

🛍 Consumers are increasingly demanding more sustainable products

💰 You can finance most of the costs by having a climate account

If you choose to apply for funding through us, you will get

📊 Climate accounting according to the official protocols

😴 Easy and seamless data collection

✂️ Tailor-made reduction plan

👩 Upskilling that fits exactly your needs and employees

⚖️ Advice on what you can and cannot do according to the Marketing Act

🤝 Free help with the application

CO2Pool - why choose Climaider
CO2 Pool - who can apply

Who can apply?

👷 You have max. 249 employees

🇩🇰 You have a Danish CVR number

💶 You have an annual turnover of max. 50 million EUR or a balance sheet total of max. 43 million EUR.

We help with your application

We know exactly what it takes to be approved for funding from the pool. Do you want free advice for your application to the CO2Puljen?

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Overview of all green grant funds

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26 April - 14 May 2023

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SME:Green Skills‍
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10 - 24 May 2023

SME:Growth Pilot

SME:Growth Pilot
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13 March 2023

The CO2 pool

Open for applications:
27 February - 26 March 2023