Your customers care more about sustainability than you think!

Oskar Dahl Hansen



Across industries, consumers are increasingly demanding more sustainable products.

Consumers are changing their habits

Across industries, consumers are increasingly demanding more sustainable products and services from environmentally conscious companies. A study by the IBM Institute for Business Value shows that nearly six in ten consumers say they are willing to change their shopping habits if it helps the climate. At the same time, consumers say they want much more transparency in the company they buy from. This is according to a study by Sprout Social.

"45% of consumers are ready to stop buying from their favorite brands if they refuse to calculate their CO2 emissions."

- Study by the Carbon Trust

This trend has more than doubled from last year, with only 22% of respondents agreeing with the statement.

Get ahead of the competition

If you are at the forefront of consumers' growing demands for transparency, sustainability and a lower carbon footprint, you are already well ahead of the competition in your industry. If your business caters to younger consumers, it is even more important that you address sustainability. Generation Z consumers in particular are demanding insight into climate and sustainability initiatives from the companies they buy from.

Last call for applications for the CO2 Pool

We've written a lot lately about the benefits of applying for financial support for CO2 calculation through the CO2Pool. We're almost at the end of the application period, so if you're still thinking about applying, now is the last chance to get started. Otherwise, you can apply for funds such as SME:Green and SME:Green Skills in the coming months. We'll keep you updated on the application windows for these.