SMV:GrΓΈn and CO2Puljen: Get support for carbon accounting and reductions in your business

Oliver Whimster Martinsen



CO2Puljen provides support to SMEs for carbon accounting and reducing their emissions.

What is the CO2 Pool?

In short, the CO2 Pool provides support for SMEs to create a climate account and reduce their emissions and is therefore similar to SME:Green. But unlike SME:Green, the CO2 Pool can be applied for from today!

It's first come, first served - the CO2 Pool is only open until March 26 and only 100-120 companies are eligible!

What do you get?

πŸ“Š A climate account
πŸ“‰ Help to create a reduction plan
πŸ‘© Upskilling your employees
πŸ’° 50% subsidy
βŒ› Your self-financing (the remaining 50%) can be paid in hours, cash or a combination.

Why apply?

Maybe you've been thinking for a while that you'd like to get started with the green transition in your company. Perhaps spurred on by your children. Maybe you've seen investors and large customers asking for your climate accounts. Or discovered that consumers love your competitors' climate marketing.

No matter what your reason is: If you've thought it would be good to do a carbon audit and start reducing your carbon footprint, then the CO2 Pool is a great opportunity!

Not only do you get a climate account and a reduction plan from CO2Puljen, we also make sure to upskill you and your employees so that you are well equipped to meet the world's increasing climate demands. Together, we find out what your needs are and what gives you value. And all this work counts as your part of the 'payment' - for many companies, the program will ultimately cost nothing in cash.

The CO2 Pool has opened today and all qualified applicants can apply. Of course, we hope that you will choose us at Climaider as your partner, but you are free to choose which advisor/supplier you want to apply for support and must obtain at least two offers.

If you choose to apply for support with us, you get:

πŸ“Š Climate accounting according to official protocols
😴 Easy and smooth data collection
βœ‚οΈ Customized reduction plan
πŸ‘© Training to fit your needs and employees
βš–οΈ Advice on what you can and cannot do according to the Marketing Act
🀝 Application help

We help with your application

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started with climate action, which is why we are also ready to help you apply for the CO2 pool and prepare a budget to minimize your time and maximize your chances of being approved for funding.

If you think this could be interesting for your company to get started with, contact us by sending us an email or book a meeting here.

But remember: The CO2 Pool is first come, first served and is only open for a short period of time.

Who can apply?

πŸ‘· You have max. 249 employees
πŸ‡©πŸ‡° You have a Danish CVR number
πŸ’Ά You have an annual turnover of max. 50 million EUR or a balance sheet of max. 43 million EUR.
🏭 You are not a manufacturing company. If you are a manufacturing company, contact us to see what your options are - we know of a few alternative options.

SME:Green 2.0

Another pool is also opening to support green initiatives in your business called SME:Green 2.0. It is only possible to apply from April 26, 2023 until May 10. We'll tell you more about how to apply as we get closer to April.