Fully automated climate accounting: How to save time, money and effort

Sander Palm



Get complete CO2 accounting in hours rather than months through our integration with e-conomic.

Creating a climate account for your business can be a daunting process. It often requires extensive research, market searches and dedicated work on your part. When you finally find a provider who can assist with the accounting process, it requires many more hours and lengthy correspondence between the consultant and you. In addition, you also need to invest time in gathering data across the business, and with each step of the process, the complexity grows.

This is a challenge many face, especially when going through the climate accounting process, which for many is no longer a choice but a legal requirement. That's why we at Climaider have been working hard to find a solution - and it doesn't involve painkillers.

Automated climate accounting via integration with e-conomic

We have developed an integration with the accounting software e-conomic that is able to collect all consumption data from your company, correctly categorize this data according to emission categories and deliver a complete climate report in just one hour. This accounts for all CO2 emissions by category as well as Scope 1, 2 and 3. In addition, we have created a short program on climate accounting and CO2 reduction for businesses, giving you the necessary preparation to analyze the accounting data and implement actual reduction initiatives in your company.

Automatically collect consumption data from your business for Climaider's Carbon Accounting Software

Get a free climate account: We're looking for 5 companies to test the solution

Currently, there is no other provider on the market that can offer a similar solution. However, we are still in the early stages of development. Therefore, we need test companies to try out the process and help us fix minor bugs. As part of the trial, your company will receive a full, fully compliant carbon footprint with calculations of all emissions in the company broken down by Scope 1, 2 and 3. The only requirement is that your company uses e-conomic as its accounting software.

Is this something that interests you? Then don't hesitate to contact us at oliver@climaider.com.

Competitive pricing

After the trial with the five test companies, we will officially launch the solution at a price of only €5,000 per year. This represents a significant discount compared to our normal price of DKK 15,000 per year. Compared to most other providers, who charge around DKK 30,000-100,000 for a carbon footprint that covers all three scopes, our pricing is highly competitive.